Kevin O'Haver

Having been in and around the construction industry for 30 years and working as an Independent Insurance Adjuster for 11 years, I have gained significant expertise in roofing methods and general construction techniques. 

I am an expert in evaluating storm related damage to the roof and exterior of your home, and in understanding the insurance coverage and claim process.

I was called to become an insurance adjuster.  I had a desire to do something that combined my knowledge of construction and my passion for helping people.  Being an adjuster enabled me to evaluate damage properly and provide policyholders with a thoroughly complete damage assessment the first time.  This enabled them to expedite the rebuilding process after floods, tornados, hail storms and hurricanes.  This is a great career for those who like adventure and people, of which I love both.  

Due to being a catastrophe adjuster for so long, I have evaluated thousands of roofs to determine storm related damage.  I have seen the damage caused by poorly installed roofing systems and know how well a properly installed roof can hold up the severe weather.  I have always been a craftsman at heart and appreciate good workmanship.  I am glad to bring my desire to help people together with my love of the building trades to form Mission City Roofing & Exterior, LLC.


The other truth must also be told.... My adult kids promoted me to Grandfather by having babies of their own, and the adventure of traveling 6 to 9 months a year was not as appealing anymore.  Now I love adventure, and now I am looking forward to the adventure of first words, first questions, first fishing and camping trips all over again.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your roofing and exterior projects.

  Mission City Roofing & Exterior will be competitive in our pricing, but will offer higher value through increased communication and customer service. 

We want to sell you the service and products you need and strive to deliver more than you expect.  

We want to be that contractor you tell your friends and family about, because we hope to treat you like friends and family.  It is our solid commitment to our customers and the industry that will allow us to keep doing what we love and be one of the most trusted in the business.  It is important for you to know all our roofers are experienced and held to the highest work standard. Our reputation is built on doing superior work.